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Hardcover ~$25.00 Out of print
6x9 414 pages
ISBN 978-0-9910531-1-7
Best choice. This book was designed to a physical book, and the experience can't be replicated on a screen. First use of the word "astronaut, first stories by AE van Vogt and Frank Herbert, a futurist essay by Hugo Gernsback, biographies and photos of the authors, five stories exactly as presented in the magazines, and more. A great gift for any science fiction fan!
Paperback ~$15.00 Out of print
6x9 414 pages
Second best choice. The paperback's interior is identical to the hardcover version.

128,852 words

Best choice for computer screens and large tablets
Nook and most readers. Best choice for most tablets. Note: there are still bugs in this file that need removal
Note: there are still bugs in this file that need removal
Note: The HTML version of this book contains all illustrations, but not the scanned text of the magazines as they are in other versions. Best choice for phones and small tablets.
HTML, By Chapter:
mcgrew: Foreword

Isaac Asimov: Youth

John W Campbell: The Last Evolution

Murray Leinster: Sam, This Is You

Frederik Pohl: The Day of the Boomer Dukes

Neil R Jones: The Death s Head Meteor

Kurt Vonnegut Jr: 2 B R 0 2 B

A E van Vogt: Black Destroyer

Theodore Sturgeon: The Martian and the Moron

Poul Anderson: Industrial Revolution

Phillip K Dick: Beyond Lies the Wub

Frank Herbert: Looking For Something?

James Blish: The Thing in the Attic

Lester del Rey: Let em Breathe Space

Jerome Bixby: Zen

Hugo Gernsback: Fifty Years From Now

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