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The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius
Marcus Aurelius was Emperor of Rome from 161 AD to his death in 180. During his reign a horrible plague struck Europe, a plague that bears his name. As I write this, a plague named Covid-19 has ravaged the planet, killing more people in America than died in all of the wars we’ve been in since Korea, with the death toll now rising every day, and shut down most of the world’s economy, throwing millions of people out of work. This is his philosophy, edited for the modern English reader, and illustrated.

Voyage to Earth and Other Stories
Tired of today's constant dystopia? Twenty one science fiction stories actually about science and scientists. They involve space travel, time travel, dimensional travel, sentience, and Einstein's theory.

Yesterday's Tomorrows - Tales of thr Future from the SF Greats of the Past
Stories by
Isaac Asimov · John W. Campbell · Murray Leinster · Frederik Pohl · Neil R. Jones · Kurt Vonnegut · A. E. Van Vogt · Theodore Sturgeon · Poul Anderson · Phillip K. Dick · Frank Herbert · James Blish · Lester del Rey · Jerome Bixby
and a futurist essay by Hugo Gernsback
with commentary and author biographies by mcgrew, authors' photos, and heavily illustrated with illustrations from the original magazines, and more.
Mars, Ho!

Captain John Knolls thinks he's just been given the best assignment of his career -- ferrying two hundred prostitutes to Mars.

He doesn't know that they're all addicticed to a drug that causes them to commit extreme, deadly violence when they are experiencing withdrawal or that he'll face more pirates than anyone had ever seen before. Or that he'd fall in love.

A humorous science fiction space novel, a horror story, a love story, a pirate story, a tale of corporate bureaucracy and incompetence.


Ten million years in the future, several solar bodies have been terraformed and populated, and the inhabitants have evolved into different species of human.

One wants to exterminate the rest.

An adult lighthearted old fashioned time and space opera.

The Paxil Diaries

After twenty seven years of marriage my wife left me, as well as leaving our two teenaged daughters. As part of the healing process I kept a humorous online diary, which became popular and known as "the Paxil diaries". Many readers wanted it in book form, so here it is.

Random Scribblings
Junk I've littered the internet with for two decades
Grandma's Cookbook
500 recipes covering breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, deserts, snacks—and more!
Comprehensive herb and spice guide
Very heavily illustrated
Detailed information about people, places, things, and histories connected to the recipes
Ingredient substitution guide


Books in the Public Domain or Creative Commons or used with permission, reformatted

Black Bead   Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom   Triplanetary   Only Yesterday   Rossum's Universal Robots   The Golden Book of Springfield   The Time Machine   The Picture of Dorian Gray   The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn   The Steam Man of the Praries   The Hunchback of Notre Dame   Frankenstein   A Christmas carol   A Christmas carol   the King James Bible
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