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Random Scribblings

Steve's School of Fine Art

The Life and Times of a Dumpster Cat

The Springfield Fragfest

The Electric Gamer's Weak End Hell Hole

The British are coming!

Part three or so

Quake and the price of fame

Internic is ugly and its mother dresses it funny

Mainstream reporters are fraggin' ignorant

Is Quake a killer or are the mass news media killers?

The Quake Christmas page

Interview - Major Futcup

Interview - Joe Mama

How to quit smoking cigarettes

Gecko Poker


How To Buy a Cat

Birth of a label-sanctioned pirate radio station

The election is coming

Useful Dead Technologies

Good Riddance to Bad Tech

Growing Up With Computers

Biters Anonymous

The Neocon

I'm dreaming of a secular Christmas

Don t try to outweird me, three eyes!

Taking a hydrogen bomb to school

The Bleeding Eyeball

Dork Side of the Moon


Seven of Nine, or Dors Venabili?

Stormy Weather

Sickness, pain, and death And Star Trek

July 20, 1969

Misery in Missouri the birth of a poem


The best things in life are free

John thinks I'm a space alien

Where's my damned tablet?

Are printed books' days numbered?

A suggestion to mobile browser makers and the W3C


My God! It s full of fail! -David Bowman

The Muse

Where's My Fridge?

1950s TV

What a mess!

The Color of God

KDE! What Have You Done?!

My Generation 21st Century

Useful Dead Technologies Redux

The Old Sayings Are Wrong

Santa Killed My Dog


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