Why are you giving away books? Whatís the catch?
There is no catch. Iím giving away books because I can. Iím not writing books to make money, and in fact Iíve priced the printed books so that I wind up slightly under profit. Iím retired, and have enough income from my working days that I no longer have to, so I donít. I write because I enjoy it, and people tell me they like reading it. Iíd rather get a piece of fan mail than a thousand dollar check.
How can you afford this?
Right now this site only costs me fifty bucks a year, including server space, webmaster tools, and domain registration. Heck of a lot cheaper than golf and a lot less annoying (unless I find Iíve made an error).
Do you use cookies?
Are there any style sheets or scripting here?
A small bit. There are six line of CSS on every page to allow the text to change when you mouse over a link. Fewer than half a dozen pages as I write this need a special page to display properly on a phone, so there are seven short lines of Javascript to see if youíre reading on a phone and to send you to the phone version of that page.
Why does the screen stay the same when I select ďdesktop versionĒ from my tabletís menu?
As I write this, only four out of all of the pages have mobile versions, as the rest work fine on all devices. On those Iíve added a direct link to the desktop version. Using the browserís menu would require a lot more Javascript, and I like to use as little as possible.
I have a question that isnít in this list
Please send an email to publish@mcgrewbooks.com with your question.


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